iolo System Mechanic

Do any of you have a Drobo 5D running on Windows 7 that is also running iolo System Mechanic? I’m pretty sure that System Mechanic is trying to analyse my Drobo 5D with a view to discovering any system faults or to see if it needs defraging. It never seems to complete the process as System Mechanic just hangs after a while.

I have a Drobo 5D with 5 2TB WD SATA disks. I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with 8GB of RAM. I’m running iolo System Mechanic 12.7

if you have a way to disable/prevent it from scanning/working on the drobo, i’d stop it for now until you find out more.

while it (might) have some handy features that could work on a drobo, i think drobo’s are best left alone, unless there are problems. (especially do not defrag a drobo).

the closest i have to a 5d, is a 5 drive Drobo-S(gen2), and the only other tool i use without problems, is windows chkdsk :slight_smile: