interrupted rebuild?

hey all…

I had 2x 4tb drives pretty much full. I just added a 5tb drive. Popped it in & assumed it was doing what it needed to do.

I read that it was ok to unmount & unplug the USB during this rebuild period (especially since it takes so long)

I ejected the disc (I’m on a Mac) & unplugged it. The green & blue lights on the front went out & the thing went quiet!

Did I screw up the process?

I plugged it back in a day later & the lights fired back up & now I hear drive activity again.

Thanks for any input!

Nope, that is the best part of these units. They know where the data is and where it needs to go. Also has a battery backup for memory so the power could have even gone out and you would be ok. I did simulated failures on mine when I got the gen 1 and the gen 3 just to record the behavior. Do you have dual disk protection activated? That is the only reason I could think of as to why it went to sleep on a rebuild after pulling the USB cord.

In some cases the rebuild does not immediately start, I would wait a little longer - should be no more than 5-20 minutes at the most. Also be aware that Drobo uses the largest size drive for redundancy.