Internal power management problem or power brick failure or something else?

Yesterday my iMac reported an error regarding unplugging a drive incorrectly. Sure enough my Drobo was gone from my system. And the Dashboard indicated that no Drobo was connected. I opened Disk Utility - no Drobo. I turned off the Drobo and tried several other ports, other firewire and USB cords. Nothing. No port or new cord worked. I tried another outlet plug. No go. Through the whole procedure all I got was a Drobo slowly (ie after 5 seconds or so) blinking all of its indicator lights like a christmas tree. I checked the power brick and noticed that the green light wasn’t solid and it faded back and forth. So my question: Is this a power brick failure, an internal power error or a completely nuked Drobo? I hope that the files are ok - I have 3TB of media, files and backups on this drive. Total drive space 10GB with dual disk redundancy. This is a replacement of an original Drobo that Data Robotics took back.

Most likely power supply failure and your data is fine. The fade in/out LED on the power supply plus the slow blink (which is likely the Drobo trying to boot again and again).

If it was writing to the array at the time of failure, there might be some small filesystem corruption, but it’s likely not huge.

Call in to support and get them to further diagnose.

Thanks. I figured the brick. I appreciate the reassurance about the data. I’ve left a tech request yesterday but wanted to hear from you guys before the weekend was over (now I can breathe again). Have a good one.

Likely you’ve already done this to be safe, but just in case…
Unplug the power brick from the wall and Drobo until support gets back to you.

Depending on the nature of the fault in the brick, it could be potentially dangerous.

Yes. Unplugged it. Talked to Drobo Tech. Replacing the unit. Again

Just out of curiosity, have you had any other power-related issues with other equipment? I’ve been in buildings with “dirty” power and having a UPS or line conditioner made a difference.

No problem with dirty power. Besides I use a UPS on all my devices.