Internal error: Oops: 17 [#1]

Hi Everyone!

I know this is my first post on this forum but I calling out to any Drobo guru with a big heart out there that can help me with my unit.

I have a Drobo FS full of 3TB WD Green disks (5 bays filled). At the time of installing those drives the dashboard created a LUN of 16TB, in theory 12TB should represent 100% of my total capacity with a single drive protection. I had around 10-11TB of data. My drive failed after a power outage and now I believe that my system got corrupted.

With the help of other nice posts here I managed to find the serial port and connect to it with a temporary setup in order to figure out what was going on, here is the boot log taken directly form the console:

I’m able to ping the unit and it appears on the dashboard. On the first boot tries the unit ended with all the bay lights in solid yellow but in the dashboard it ended up with a message that I should replace a drive to expand the usable space . On the first minutes of booting the unit looks like this: (The solid red bay is the drive that the dashboard tells me to change for a bigger one)

But after the blue LEDS stop moving the unit ends up with all the bay LEDS on solid yellow and the dashboard requesting for a bigger drive on middle bay .

On my last reboot (always using the button on the back to safely shut down the unit), my dashboard gave me a different message and now it looks like this:

Even though the dashboard tells me that data protection is currently running, all the drive bays stay solid yellow, and i don’t feel too much movement of the drive heads when i touch them on the front. I’ve seen other raid devices rebuild, this thing looks static to me :(.

I managed to borrow from a friend a nice UPS while i try to rescue the unit , I live in Venezuela and my electricity service is terrible. (I’ve got a new UPS on the way). I can keep the unit like this for some time to see if my situation improves.

Looking at the last lines from the boot log, the thing that really worries me is the dump that appears on the last part and the “Oops” message.

I have 3 different Drobos in my house , a 5N, a 5D and this troubled FS, over these past years many power outages happened and this is the first time that something failed with all those devices. This is the unit where i kept the family photos :(.

Should i buy a new drive and replace the one on the middle bay? or should i just proceed to this:

I should mention that my dashboard dons’t let me run the diagnostic, all i get is a “Your drobo device is starting up, this will only take a moment” endless message on every section. My guess is that a would have to run the “e2fsck” tool directly from the console.

Any help is much appreciated.