Interface Bonding 5N2

I’ve enabled Network Interface Bonding on my 5N2. I have two ethernet cables attached running from my network switch. I see the following on my Dashboard: Network Interface Bonding - Checked, Network Ports - 1 with Default (ALB), Automatically assign IP settings (DHCP) checked. My question: will his hold? (Not assigning an IP address)? Additional info: I see two ports assigned to the Drobo when viewing connections in the router.

Any word back on this? I’m a little frustrated here. The UI has been updated but the documentation doesn’t match it at all.

I’m shown 2 options in Network Interface Bonding:

  • Default (ALB)
  • 802.3ad

All the Drobo5N2 docs don’t use these options or comments at all.

Assuming 802.3ad is Link Aggregation, that’s what we use to bond the 2 ethernet ports, then set a static IP (which your router will see as the same IP for both ports), and you are done.

But why have ALB (is this port isolation? for failover/redundancy?) as an option that doesn’t match anything else in the docs?

Could someone from Drobo confirm the above understanding and please spend a few moments updating your documentation?