Interface Bonding 5N2

I’ve enabled Network Interface Bonding on my 5N2. I have two ethernet cables attached running from my network switch. I see the following on my Dashboard: Network Interface Bonding - Checked, Network Ports - 1 with Default (ALB), Automatically assign IP settings (DHCP) checked. My question: will his hold? (Not assigning an IP address)? Additional info: I see two ports assigned to the Drobo when viewing connections in the router.

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Any word back on this? I’m a little frustrated here. The UI has been updated but the documentation doesn’t match it at all.

I’m shown 2 options in Network Interface Bonding:

  • Default (ALB)
  • 802.3ad

All the Drobo5N2 docs don’t use these options or comments at all.

Assuming 802.3ad is Link Aggregation, that’s what we use to bond the 2 ethernet ports, then set a static IP (which your router will see as the same IP for both ports), and you are done.

But why have ALB (is this port isolation? for failover/redundancy?) as an option that doesn’t match anything else in the docs?

Could someone from Drobo confirm the above understanding and please spend a few moments updating your documentation?


Still nothing from drobo on this… very disappointing


Also would appreciate updates to the documentation. They implemented something but nobody can get it to work in the real world.


I’ve setup 802.3ab on my 5N2, and also on the SGE2000P linksys switch, however it doesn’t work if I add both ports to the LAG
If I only add one port to the LAG on the switch side works.

I think that something weird is going on on the ARP layer, as I cannot seem to have a single mac for the bonded ports on the drobo, but see both mac’s from both ports showing up in a tcpdump at the switch.
This would be a problem as the DHCP server cannot assign the same IP to two MAC’s
I would expect to be able to set a custom mac, or have a sequential extra mac for the bond.
Also the dashboard crap function is really pathetic, so some major work needs to be done there. (a web interface would be much appreciated instead if the legacy windows/macos stuff with all kinds of transparency issues in the GUI)