Intel SSD 330 & 520

All Intel SSD drives are shipped w/ the 2.5" FF plastic bracket and if that bracket is not removed b/f inserting into the Mini, then once inserted, you can eject but cannot remove the drive w/o damaging the metal plate & mechanical loader. We learned the hard way! So, be careful w/ those Intel SSD especially the newer models have changed to Sandforce controller which is not on our support list.

The Mini will accept the Intel drives w/ the bracket installed but the metal plate will clip on the edge of the bracket preventing it to be removed unless open up the case which most likely will void the warranty!

The Kingston Hyper-X or 9mm drive which I believe it’s also operated on Sandforce may be too thick.

Finally, we are currently using Samsung 840/840Pro and they seem to be solid. Had over half a dozen of OCZ 128/256GB, mostly the Vertex 3/4 series, and they are acting strangely. Some customers reported they experienced hi failure rate.

thats good info for other users,
ouch on your experience though

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