Installing/running Firefly on Drobo FS

I’ve just set up my Drobo FS. Primary purpose for buying it has been to use it as an iTunes media server. Have installed Apache, DroboAdmin utility, and Firefly. Can someone point me to some form of instructions around a) how to adminster Firefly, b) how/where to add music/movies to the Firefly folder structure (e.g., transfer an iTunes library over as is, or use a different folder structure), and c) how to manage play lists without necessarily editing UNIX files?

Thanks very much for any insight.

Once you have Firefly installed, you should be able to bring up the config webpage and configure it.

Hope this helps

dpetree, thanks very much for your response.

Is the native config web page the only/best way to configure the server? Feels like I either need to config the server via that page, or manually edit the files in the OS (e.g., if wanting to create playlists). I have seen images on the web of what appear to be non Firefly Mac OS GUIs. Any guidance/advice there would be greatly appreciated.

I’m unaware of any other ways to config the Firefly server aside from editing the config file and/or using the WebAdmin page… The WebAdmin is very useful IMO, just seems to require a lot of patience.

Does anyone know if iPods/iPhone/etc can sync with songs hosted on the Firefly share?

I think I am getting the same problem via my regular drobo + droboshare

I would love to know this answer. I’m just beginning to more mp3s over to DroboFS and would like to learn how to set up firefly.

Also, does it work with Itunes10?