Installing App's and repositorys

Hi guy’s decided finally to get on board and setup a Drobo 5N. I have found a few repositories of DROBO apps from . Wanted to load up Dropbear also but it seems to be hard to find a official copy, any thoughts? The official Drobo site seems pretty worthless as this point.

Any bundles of apps?, would be nice to download a good all around application starter pack.

How about some recommendations? Was looking to load up Crashplan.

Drobo Goals (in listed in priority)

  1. backup family Media (photos of kids, videos)
  2. Media server- Plex installed but would like to integrate into killing cable TV all together
  3. anything else fun, remote access, personal website, vpn fun, etc

Thanks in Advance

hi trickman,
i only have the usb directly plugged in drobos, but if your main goal is to backup family stuff etc, then i’d recommend you make a full backup of it somewhere first, before you start installing/configuring/mucking around with other aps etc.

i say this from a saftey point of view, because there’s a chance of mucking up the drobo if you dont know what you’re doing. (at least that’s my fear, especially when it comes to linux meddling) :slight_smile:

i use and its been working a treat so far, but whatever you choose, just make a spare backup of your family data, and directly save it to an online site you’re happy with, and then once thats safe and sound, you can start loading up new programs etc.