Installing a Java VM?

Sorry if this has been covered before but I didn’t find anything with a search. I’m looking to install a java vm (v 1.6) so I can run the serviio media sharing app on the DroboFS and don’t really know where to start. Once I get java installed, I can get some other help with the media server app.

Thanks in advance,

You’ll need to compile the JVM for the ARM architecture. So you’ll either need to port a development environment over to the Drobo or do a cross compile under a different linux box (using chroot and all the other happiness). This is assuming there is a JVM available that can build under ARM in the first place. http://drobo.jhah.net/guides/cross_compile_setup has some information on setting up the cross compile environment.

By the way, there is a python package for drobo which may give you alternatives to work from. http://code.google.com/p/drobo-python-sabnzbd/ its built for the DroboShare but I was able to get a python shell on the Drobo FS after I set up the envars correctly.

Thanks, I’ll be honest, most of what you said is over my head. I’ve never done any linux work at all. I was mostly asking to see if anyone else had done it and could provide instructions.

I did finally find a compile for JRE 6 in the QPKG format for QNAP. I’ll check out that link and see if I can figure out if I need to redo the cross-compile for the Drobo.