Install from admin page not working

When I go to admin page and try to look for new droboapps there is nothing listed. There used to be the whole list from yoics to rsync. Any ideas why?

Same here, tried a few apps when I first got the droboshare, left it for about a week, now when I’ve come back to it there is nothing in the lsit of apps that can be installed! Is it downloaded from a website that has had a problem?

This has been like DAYS if not weeks. WTF datarobotics get on the ball. Don’t forget who got you here.

I am seeing the same issue. I just contacted data robotics. It seems the apps feed has been turned off.

Make sure you submit a support ticket - posting here there is little guarantee that the right people will notice or the right metrics will be triggered to get it solved.

word thanks

im bombing them with tweets today also

should be working now

Haven’t had a chance to look. HAL u can verify it’s working?