install apps

I’m trying to manually install a App on drobo and i can’t seem to get it to work… FYI I’m new to this so when you answer explain it to me.

Tell us a little more. What app are you trying to install? What did you do? What happened as a result?

If you don’t have SSH installed then to install an application manually you mount the DroboApps share, copy over the .tgz file for the app into the top level directory of the share, then reboot the Drobo5N from the dashboard.

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I’m trying to install dropbear and i have shared the drobo so i can access it and i can’t get it to install. when you say the top level directory? where is it located.

Did you enable DroboApps on the Dashboard?

Please help me solved this problem, and im cant access ssh …


If you are using Safari to download the TGZ file then use chrome or firefox instead. Safari changes it to a .TAR file that won’t work, even when renaming to TGZ.

Download the TGZ file, then restart. Everything should work then.