Initiating Backup to Drobo from Drobo itself?


I have the following Setup:

I have a Drobo Disk and a LaCie EdMini Disk (has FTP/SMB/AFP capabilities).

I now want to create daily backups where Drobo automatically via crontab connects to LaCie and fetches files from there.

I have already installed rsync and crontab but have no clue if it is possible to connect to an SMB/AFP volume from the Drobo itself to fetch the files to update.

Does such a thing exist?



I think that you want to initiate the backup from the DroboShare and not the drobo, since you posted in this category.
I’m not sure if there is a smbclient ported for the DroboShare, (it was absolutely stated in the old forum…)
If it is, then it’s no problem to create a crontab-entry for this, but otherwise it will be hard to get the traffic directly between the DroboShare and the LaCie disc. Most apps for DroboShare are focused to get things to the DroboShare.

But if you go to http://luon.net/~admar/journal/LaCieEthernetDiskMini.html there are some instructions on how to unlock your LaCie instead, and then you can have that initiate the backup for you instead.

Good luck!

I’ve never done it, but since DroboShare uses SMB to communicate, it can’t be all that hard to mount the LaCie’s SMB share on the DroboShare, and then rsync from there. You’d start by SSHing into your DS, and then look up generic instructions for mounting an SMB share under linux. Good luck.

Thanks for your ideas - unfortunately that is exactly what I tried out:

smb_mount is not installed by factory default and I could not found a package containing it.

And I have no idea how to compile it by myself on the Drobo.

Has anyone tried running backuppc on droboshare? that would be the perfect answer as it supports backups of remote smb shares or rsync servers. It’s written in Perl and there is a Perl droboapp.

I used to have it running on an old NSLU2 (also an ARM CPU) so it should be doable on droboshare. Please let me know if someone already tried to get it running or is interested. I may have a look at it in the next few weeks.