Infinite reboot after firmware update

After an attempted firmware update my B800i is in a constant reboot cycle. Worked just fine before the update :frowning:
Tried pulling drives out and cycling power. Did not help.
System out of warranty :frowning:
Anything I can do?

hi kseba,
one thing you could try doing, which might help on your b800i could be to try putting it into a read only mode.

this essentially has helped others to put their drobo into a more stable state, to at least be able to access and or backup their data…for example as mentioned here:
btw you may already be aware, though please remember to Only remove your disk pack when power is all OFF, and to only put your disk pack back in when power is all OFF.


Sorry I can not follow the directions in that link as my dashboard does not see the device anymore :frowning:
Any other options I have?

Yes, I did power it off before removing the drives. Thank You

ah ok, you might need to try using a direct connection (just in case you are going through any hubs, routers or adapters).

you might be able to raise a ticket with the support team as well (though for a paid 1 time ticket charge in case no longer in support) though try to see if you have any firewall or permission settings you could check, just in case communication is being blocked, and also to possibly try another cable just in case the cable is having a problem too

OK, got it to work :slight_smile:
Used USB instead of LAN and it worked like a charm. Drobo finished the update and I turned it off, insterted the drives and turned it back on. It’s all good now.

BTW, there were no firewalls, etc. Both DROBO and my laptop were connected to a simple switch.
Paul, thank you for all your help!!!

ah thats cool, am glad its all working again :slight_smile: