inetd/xinetd question

I am trying to create a port of CVS for the DroboFS. I have the code cross compiled, but was wondering how to set up the inetd or xinetd under the DroboFS architecture? I know about service.sh but CVS does not used a dedicated service, it spawns on demand from the inetd subsystem. Any help would be appreciated.


Although there is a inetd binary on the FS, it seems to me that it is not configured to run.

If you do not feel like fixing the inetd that ships with the FS, you could use tcpserver.

But why not just use access over SSH? It should work without any inetd configuration.

I could use ssh, but everything here is set up to use cvs -d :pserver: so I’ll have a look at the FS inetd and see if it has all the required config files etc, but failing that I’ll have a look at tcpserver (thanks for the link).

My worry is that although I might get inetd working, is there be a mechanism for packaging the relevant files within an app? with xinetd at least there is a /etc/xinetd.d folder.


Not that I know of. DroboApps are supposed to be self-contained, and although nothing prevents you from messing around with system files, I think people would get pretty upset if you messed up their Drobos inadvertently.