Index your FS to search efficiently! A solution!!

quick background. we bought the Drobo FS to replace two 2TB laCie’s that we used as searchable archives for our years of artwork. All this was backed up on a LARGE assortment of CD’s and DVD’s that had been accumulated over 10 years. the laCie’s were prone to failure after a few years and had been frequently replaced. we were reaching the point of needing a third for more room when one of the two gave it’s final death clicks. I had thought this would be a viable, stable, GREAT replacement. seemed to work great, until I had to search for something. FAIL! No one had any clue on how to get an index of the drive to search, and my co-worker figured it out so I thought I’d share.

the solution is fairly simple. Google Desktop for the PC ((sorry, no MAC solution yet)).

once you install Google Desktop and make sure that you have the Drobo FS as a mapped drive, open up your search bar and select “options” in the upper right

then select “more options” at the bottom

finally click “add drive or folder to search” and add your mapped Drobo FS drive.

A couple things to note though; it only indexes the Drobo FS when your PC is idle, so leaving it up overnight for a few days works best. we have almost 4.5GB on our drive right now, and it took over a week to complete the index, so this isn’t an instant fix. it is better than nothing though!

Good luck and if anyone figures out how to improve this, let us know!

Great Find man…


But thanks. I can’t take the credit though, my co-worker Ben found it. I had spent weeks searching forums and threads and any help sources I could find with no results! Now if only Google would finish Desktop for Mac so I don’t have to search through my vmWare PC…

Wouldn’t the Windows search tool w/indexing work exactly the same way? It seems to provide the same functionality as the Google tool.

It should, but I couldn’t get it to accept the Drobo to Index.

Huh? Spotlight works just fine on a Drobo FS volume. You just have to open a Finder window of the volume and start writing in the search field.

That doesn’t appear to be using a Spotlight index, but rather doing the search on the fly. Saved searches don’t work, for instance, and it takes forever to show the results for large hierarchies. If it were Spotlight or otherwise indexed, it would be near-instant.

Yes, I see what you mean. A Drobo app should be developed that could mimic an OS X server to the extent that it would server a Spotlight index.

Believe me, I wish it were possible. Unfortunately, I don’t think the format of the Spotlight index is documented. It is possible to force Spotlight to index network volumes, but you have to manually start it on every mount - less than optimal.

With 5TB of data stored, I don’t really have the time to wait the 2 days to have spotlight find the file. so in a way, yes it works, but not really.

I REALLY wish Drobo would come up with an App or something, but the Google Desktop for PC seems to be about the only option.

as to forcing Spotlight to index the drive. That doesn’t work. Apple broke something in the 10.5 update so that that old method of forcing doesn’t do anything anymore. it acts like it activated, but just sits there like the turd spotlight is.

just thought I would update this…

Google desktop seems to work, but it’s not always happy finding all the files there, especially with as much data as I have.

This app however works like a charm, ONLY does the indexing, so you don’t get all the other crap that google desktop adds, and it’s fast. took me only a few hours to index my computer and the 5 TB of data that I have. Oh. and it’s free. Anyways, here it is:


I’m not comfortable letting Google index the contents of all my files so that it can monetize that information, so I’m using Exalead Desktop Free http://www.exalead.com/software/products/desktop-search/

It’s very similar to Google Desktop - works via your web browser etc., and has been accurate and reliable for me.

My only reservations are that it (currently) doesn’t work with Outlook 2010, so I don’t have that functionality, and the company support is unreliable - I have contacted them twice asking for pricing to license the Pro version for my SOHO, and neither message (sent via their web form) has been answered. It appears they don’t want my money.

[quote=“strangetpwn, post:12, topic:2358”]
I’m not comfortable letting Google index the contents of all my files so that it can monetize that information[/quote]

You do know that Google Desktop doesn’t send any of that information back to Google, right? It’s entirely offline. From the first bullet of their privacy policy:
Your computer’s content is not sent to Google without your explicit permission.

That seems a bit overload. I just needed a way to type in a file name or customer name and get quick results. searching over 10 years of data can be difficult and time consuming.

not sure if that “Index you files” program indexes office inboxes, but I suppose you could try. it is nice in that it doesn’t even “install” into your computer, it just runs out of it’s own little folder, scans where you tell it to, and then maintains it’s own little database in it’s own folder. So concerns of your info being shared I would think should be minimal. It does have the nice feature of being able to export the indexes so that you can move them to a new computer or a different computer, the only thing I’ve found is that you need to make sure that any network drives are mapped the same way on both computers.

hi Alith (Alice with a lisp?) :slight_smile:
just kidding… try a tool called CATHY (by R.Vasicek) i use v2.28.3 on my drobo v1 and it really is SPEEDY :slight_smile:

first time you run it, set it to index the drive before you go to sleep (or on a weeked) not that it takes that long, but it really is a cool tool.
whenever i need to find something, eg a folder name, an icon graphic, a sound byte, and file etc, it instantly finds it for me and shows me an explorer-esque structure of where the file is, and then i can right click open it, or open the folder containing it etc

is really great and it can do cds and other media too (thogh i havent tried that part yet)[hr]
every few weeks or so, i rightclick on my cataloge entry and select Refresh (to update the list)