Increasing storage, 5N

I currently have my 5N populated with 3GB drives.
I would like to increase storage but I have some questions:

  1. Do I simply pull a drive and add new, larger one?
  2. How long do I have to wait between pulling an old and inserting a new?
  3. Is this process explicitly documented? (I haven’t be able to find anything.)

To answer:

  1. Yes, but make sure it’s one using CMR/PMR not SMR.
  2. The first swap you just sswap, then wait until the data protection process finishes, & the drive lights go back to steady green before doing the next (usually hours, sometimes many hours, depends how much data & how fast the drives are).
  3. Yes: Drobo Online User Guide < I’ve linked the section.
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Thanks! The “no SMR” is a good tip. I was going to stick with WD Reds; I wonder if they’re still being sneaky with the whole CMR/SMR thing. I will be vigilant!

To avoid that you’ll need Red Plus or Red Pro… not plain old “Red”.