Increased capacity-Cannot add volumes-Unallocated space = 63%

In my 5N, I replaced all five of the 4TB drives with five new 16TB Seagate Ironwolf pro drives. Since there was existing data on the 5N I replaced the drives one at a time and let the unit do it’s thing, which took more than 24 hours each time a drive was replaced. The unit is set up for dual disk redundancy and now that it is completed, I have about 16TB between “used” and “free” space, and 27.57 TB of “unallocated” space.

Each time I start Drobo Dashboard I see an option for “Volumes”, but that option is not there after I click on the 5N and I can not figure out how to add a volume.

I am logged in as the ADMIN and if I add a share, it still will only access the 16TB portion of the drive.

In order to see the whole capacity as one volume you’ll need to park the data elsewhere & reset the device from dashboard (which will wipe it). As long as the firmware is new enough it’ll then enable 64TB volume support.

Alternatively add more 16TB volumes as the unit suggests when set up using the older firmware.

I don’t particularly care about seeing the whole capacity as one volume.

It is not my plan to remove the data that is already on the unit, especially since I have nowhere else to put it.

I do want to be able to create additional volume(s) to actually be able to use the additional 27.57 TB of unallocated space, but so far I am not able to find a way to do this. I have shut down and rebooted the drive multiple times and also started and closed Drobo dashboard multiple times.

The unit does not suggest adding more 16TB or any other size volumes nor can I find any way to create additional volumes… This is the issue I am trying to solve. I did search for answers before posting here but found nothing.

Thanks for your reply!

I’m used to the direct attached units not the NAS ones, I think you can do what you’re after by creating a new share though.

User guide for the 5N is here:
Drobo Online User Guide

I initially had this problem on my 5N2. I had migrated my disk pack from my DroboFS, which only supported 16TB volumes.

I found the migration guide on Drobo’s website:

So, I didn’t waste any more time and moved all my data to a temporary location (2 x 10TB USB drives), set up my 5N2 as new with a larger-than-16TB volume, and moved everything to the new volume on my 5N2.

It’s supposedly faster, too, according to the doc linked above. I never measured it, though.

I hope that helps!



Turns out that you are both right that I have to remove all the data from the 5N and start from scratch… much to my dismay. Apparently once the 5N is set up for 16 TB volume size there is no way to ADD any more usable capacity without starting over. Here is a link to the information:

Thanks for your replies which helped send me in the right direction.