Incorrect "used space" in dashboard

Running a Drobo on a Mac 10.6.1 - Dashboard 1.5.1/firmware 1.3.5

My Drobo has 4 1TB drives, and is set to 8TB max capacity. I’ve partitioned the Drobo into two volumes with one volume being used for Time Machine with a storage capacity of 2.71TB.

After a recent restart of my Mac, Dashboard is reporting that my “used space” is only 940.50MB, instead of the correct amount reported in the Finder (1.75TB) - so the little pie chart shows only a sliver used instead of the true over half. The dashboard was correct before the restart.

The data is all present and retrievable thru Time Machine - just reported incorrectly in Dashboard. I’ve tried disconnecting/reconnecting power and firewire with no success.

Any suggestions?


there is a bug in version 1.5.1. See here:


Thanks, Sigi.

It is weird that prior to my restart, the dashboard and blue lights were accurate.