Incorrect capacity shown on blue lights - paritioned drive on OS X snow leopard

2nd gen drobo, latest Snow Leopard version, latest firmware, latest dashboard version. Connected with FW800.

Two extended-journaled partitions: one 250gb (for time machine) and one unlimited (shows up as 18tb).

When I turn on drobo, the capacity lights show the correct free space. Once drobo dashboard starts up, only one blue light is ever on. Even if I don’t start dashboard, the drobo will show only one blue light once time machine starts up.

The incorrect size is also reported in drobo dashboard. ie. the pie chart will show that 150gb is used on the drive, even though the actual used space is 150gb + 1.2tb.

Basically, the lights seem to only be reflecting the amount of space used on the 250 partition and ignoring the other terrabyte of used space on the larger partition.

I have gone through the whole process of uninstalling dashboard through terminal etc.

I don’t like the fact that drobo will not know when it starts running out of space on the large partition.

Any solutions? Please don’t recommend reformatting. Drobo is my only large external drive, so erasing data is not an option.


Partitions created through disk utility are not recognized by dashboard. You can either quit dashboard to reflect the correct capacity on the blue lights are upgrade to dashboard 1.7.2 after properly uninstalling dashboard.

Uninstall: http://support.datarobotics.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/107/kw/uninstall/r_id/100004

DD 1.7.2 www.drobo.com/dashboard

Thank you! I thought 1.6.8 was the newest dashboard version because that is the version on http://www.drobo.com/support/updates.php

1.7.2 is for FS and has not been pushed as an autoupdate.