Inaccessible Folder

I accidentally moved a folder of 100+ files inside another folder on my Drobo drive. When I find the folder I cannot move it back to its old location. I get error message 0x80090005. I also cannot open it as it tells me access is denied. Any ideas?

As far as I can tell, I have a Drobo Gen 3 DDRA31.

Many thanks,
Guy Gardener

hi guy can i check what happens if you can try shutting down the computer and then the drobo (after it goes into standby mode), and then if you power them back up again?

i have encountered something similar a few times over the years, (not necessarily that exact message, but a few times where the drobo could not be shutdown from dashboard in older versions on my gen1 or gen2, or windows locking some files etc, possibly a glitch or an antivirus routine)… btw were any of those files excecutable in some way? windows even today still locks some files temporarily, and sometimes i have to use process explorer to close a handle on a file.