Inaccessible Drobo flashing green and orange for 3 weeks now

My drobo has been rebuilding for more than 3 weeks now (3x4tb + 1x1tb). And what’s worse is my computer is intermittent in detecting the drobo. Sometimes, it appears, 80% of the time, the drive won’t appear. And when it appears, I try to backup my files to other drives, but after about 10 minutes, the transfer was interrupted and the PC no longer detect the drive. Wait again for another 20 minutes and it gets detected again out of the blue.

In task manager, the drive is sometimes 100% active, sometimes 0%. But almost at all times, (even at 100% active), the read write speed is 0kb/s. All 4 drives flash green and orange (for more than 3 weeks now). So, I am confused, what’s the problem? Since all drives are flashing green and orange, does it mean that the drives are not the problem? What should I do? Please help…

I am using a gen 2.