iMovie and DroboShare

I’d like to store my project files and all my projects on my Drobo via DroboShare. Problem is iMovie 09 does not allow me to move my projects over to it. Almost like it is not recognized as a real drive.

Anyone seen this before? Any help is very much appreciated.


iMovie wants things on local-attached drives for the speed video editing requires.

To be honest, you probably don’t want to work on projects on the DroboShare. It’s fine for archiving projects you’re done with, but not for stuff you’re still working on.

If you’re working with DV or HDV, it’s still 25 Mbps (3.2 MB/sec) per-stream, and DroboShare’s max 10 MB/sec throughput combined with Drobo’s slowdown on simultaneous file-access will make for a very disappointing editing experience.

That is a real shame, I guess I wasted my money on a Drobo Share. Makes it hard to share data between a Windows and Apple computer if you direct connect either one.

I’ve be slighly dissappointed in my Drobo up until this point.

DroboShare shares fine, but your intended use - video editing, is not a good match for DroboShare.

DroboShare (according to DRI) is designed for “office use” meaning shared documents (documents, spreadsheets, etc).

Video editing requires high-throughput, direct-attached storage, unless you spend LOTS more money on a SAN solution.

Directly-attached Drobo should work OK for your use unless you’re editing high-bandwidth files or more than two streams of video, which I doubt is the case with iMovie.

You’d have the same problem with iMovie and any non-direct-attached drive, as it seems to not allow for network shares as video/project storage.