iMac thinks Drobo is full, but still 2 TB left

I know that when I formatted the drobo a couple years back I set it at 2 TB on my iMac, but now the iMac thinks the drobo is full and therefore is trying to delete items in it prior to writing to it (time machine only).

How can I get the iMac to realize it is not full yet?

that will be your first volume/partition you set to be 2tb?

if you have, say 4TB, on your drobo, it should have created a second volume for you, to allow you to utilise the additional capacity?

no, I believe I only have one partion. When I first set up the drobo it only had 2 TB, but I have since replaced drives with larger ones. I am connected to the Drobo wirelessly (it is hanging off my airport extreme router) so I can’t use drobo dashboard.

That would explain it. You will need to directly connect the drobo to your computer and run DroboDashboard so that the dashboard can see the new partition/volume and prompt you to format it so you can utilize it.

ok, I understand the first part, what do I do once I have it connected? I would launch drobo dashboard and then what?

then it should prompt you that it will create a second partition and walk you through it

oh ok. Is there anyway to redirect all of my time machine backups to this new partition, keeping the other partition available for music and photo libraries? I mean, they are both on the same partion right now and separating them would be the best and easiest thing for future growth.

You should be able to select the new volume for your Time Machine back up in Time Machine.

ok, so I have connected my drobo to my mac and opened up dashboard. I have 1.94 tb used with 1.23 free for a total of 3.17. My mac still thinks that the drobo only has 2 tb available total.

Can I format the drobo to make it show the 3 tb without erasing any data?

How do I go about doing that?

Were you prompted to format a new volume?
Does dashboard show you a space that is unallocated?

after a little more research, seems I can’t format without losing data so that is not an option. Question now becomes how can I change the config so the mac can see how much space the drobo really has.

I will be moving the drobo back to my airport extreme after all the configs are done so that all macs on my network can see it.

Last question is can I partition the drobo without having any affect on the data? I would like to have a separate partition dedicated to time machine. This was a recommendation from the Genius Bar at the apple store.

You can migrate your data off the drobo and reformat to a larger volume size, then you can set up a partition for Time Machine.

You cannot create a partition when you have data on the drobo, it will be wiped.

ok, so it looks like either partitioning or reformatting will wipe the drives. I don’t want to do that, and I don’t have anywhere I can move the data while I try!

What are my options for tricking the mac into seeing the full size of the drobo instead of the 2tb it currently sees?

None that I know of.

Jennifer, I’ve just read through the thread and i still there is an issue with the drobo/dashboard

form what she is saying - she has 3TB of protected space, but drobo is still only presenting a single 2Tb volume, which i dont think is correct?

she has been reading about re-formatting to a single larger volume (in order to partition it) but this should be unnecessary , in fact drobo should still make a second volume since her available space exceeds the capacity of her single volume?

I understand that, and I have asked if prompted to format a new volume or if the space is showing as unallocated in dashboard. But I have not received an answer for those questions. So I’m trying my best to answer the new questions posed.

Maybe a screen shot of dashboard would be helpful. (Opening screen with the big pie icon).

sorry, when I first connect Drobo, I get the message:

“The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer” with three options,. initialize, ignore or eject. I choose ignore and drobo seems to work fine. Not sure why I am getting this message.

I am also initially getting the message from dashboard that states that not all of the drives in the bay are recognizable although I have four green bars and dashboard says drobo is healthy and doesn’t require any action at this time.

Keep in mind, drobo was always formatted to run on a mac and has been hanging off my airport extreme for the last two years with no hiccups at all.

I am just trying to get the mac to recognize how much space it has on it when it is remotely connected.

Hope I have answered all questions.


yes that is talking about the new additional 2nd volume it has created for you

if you select initialise it should work fine and then you will be able to see a second volume on your drobo (also 2TB) which should

  1. give you the additional space you required


  1. give you the two volumes you wanted


Do NOT initialize!

ooh, sorry :S