I'm so sick of my Drobo...

Drobo on a mac should be supported. But, when I go to actually USE it, it fails. Badly.

I get constant disconnects (even on 1.8.4). Use GlobalSAN? Well, I can’t put my mac to sleep or it crashes on wake. Lion support? Eh.

Anyways… FOR SALE: 1 Drobo Elite - $2700 - basically brand new…

Interested? Email me: david at wolfsnap.com

So, I’ve actually been able to figure out a bit of why this happening… The new Macbook Pro’s (2011), boot into 64-bit mode by default. Drobo’s drivers suck in 64bit mode.

I have no idea if there is a fix… :frowning:

I am using GlobalSAN with my DroboPro, since the DD beyond 1.8.4 is terrible, and the latest version (v. supposedly corrected the sleep issues. And I was able to sleep the Drobo.

I don’t run in 64-bit mode but if you want to do so, I’ve heard the ATTO iscsi initiator is very good. It is a more professional iSCSI software and supports 32 and 64bit on Mac. People said it’s faster and stabler than the free GlobalSAN initiator. The catch is that it is $195, and some people on this forum bought and loved it. http://www.attotech.com/products/product.php?scat=17&sku=INIT-MAC0-001

For me, I’m still thinking if it is necessary for me to spend that much money on a piece of software that only work currently with a DroboPro since I don’t have other iSCSI devices yet.

If you do buy it, let me know how well it runs because I really want my devices to work well and run stable all the time…

Spending $200 on an iSCSI initiator seems crazy… Drobo should be making their $3400+ machines WORK on the platforms they say it will work on.

Should I be expected to replace the engine of a brand new car because it isn’t capable of running on the earth? A car’s engine is kinda-supposed to run on this planet. Likewise, a Drobo should work on the platforms it’s being sold for. Mac included.

Just wait until you have a drive fail… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had about a half dozen drives fail on multiple units, not to mention pulling 8, 1TB drives myself to upgrade to 2TB drives. The data protection works. If it were clearly a huge failure, nobody would be buying these products.