icon file keeps coming back, makes folder unable to delete "in use" (MAC)

See my post with pics here --> https://discussions.apple.com/message/30309643#30309643

I have a folder I would like to delete, from a share on my Drobo 5N. I can change the name of the folder. But inside is a “Icon” file I can delete but the second it does, comes back. It is Zero bytes.

If I go to delete the folder it is in I get this “In Use” message. I have tried to delete in terminal but get “no such file directory”.

I have no idea what to do now. Please help.

Mac mini, OS X El Capitan (10.11.5), Drobo 5N

hi, while i do not have a mac, i have had some cases where on windows i needed to do a full shutdown and reboot.
have you tried that, and then when your system is rebooted, to try just deleting the unwanted folder (but without going into that folder)?

a reboot? yes many times, of both the mac and drobo.

thanks clay, i think if a reboot (and then trying to delete that folder without accessing its content did not help)
and if the other guys suggestion of a mac safeboot mode wasnt able to delete it either,
then can i check if your mac is directly connected to the drobo, or does it go through another switch or device?
(if so, maybe trying a direct connection, and rebooting as well, might do the trick?)

was the name of the offending folder, a name that you created? (or was it possibly created by another program of process with a certain pre-determined name?)

Thank you for the ideas. I have the drobo connected to the mac by a 24 port cat5e network switch. that’s it. I created the folders and recently changed it to “Delete this” just because.

Safe mode did not allow me to connect to the drobo. and after another reboot, the same problem persists.

Any terminal commands I should try? Anything? Ugh!

Thanks for any suggestions.

oh ok clay,
as i do not actually have a mac we might need to wait for some of the mac veterans :slight_smile:

but just as a simple thought… what if you were to simply make it a hidden folder, for now at least, (especially if the actual folder or icon is not taking up any space?)… that way it would no longer be “in your face” in a manner of speaking, and no longer a visual niggle? :smiley:

If I can’t find a fix, that is most likely what i’ll do. Thanks for the idea. Much appreciated!

ok thanks, and if you happen to find any more info posted on your other apple posts please feel free to let us know here too so we can see how the story ends

On occasion, I have had a file or folder in a share that will simply not be deleted, no matter what. Frustrating, and has happened more than once.

My solution - after all else has failed? Within the Drobo Desktop, create a new share to replace the share with the problem. Then in you file manager (Finder in macOS, or File Explorer in Windows) copy all the good folders and files from the problem share [BAD_SHARE] into a newly created share [GOOD_SHARE], but don’t copy the problem folder(s) or file(s). Now that you have duplicated your share minus the problem folder, just ERASE [BAD_SHARE]. As a final step, you can rename [GOOD_SHARE] to the original name of the deleted [BAD_SHARE], if desired.

Easy to accomplish, but sometimes, not so obvious.

Good luck.

cool thanks sboydman for more ideas :slight_smile:

that gave me another idea too… on windows, there is a tool called process explorer.
(often, if i try to compress or move an installer file such as .exe, windows explorer locks the file as well as antivirus, until the explorer process has closed and about 5 mins have passed).

one thing you (and clay) could try, is a similar tool (for mac) or if you are on windows, is process explorer, to search for the filename or folder and it will show you all the processes that are using or accessing it some way.

(for me, it was simply an explorer instance with handles that i could close safely, but a tool like that might help to give a bit more insight into what possibly locks it in the first place).