I want to recommend drobo to my boss, but cant..

I Have a Drobo + DroboShare. Now, on my job we need a good network storage solution. I really want to recommend the drobo to my boss (really small company, I’m the only employee), but how could I? Every time I try to open something from the drobo, or save something to it, it’s a LOT waiting time just to open the appropriate folder to open from/save in.

For example, I just downloaded a subtitle to a folder on the drobo. I had to wait 30-40 seconds between each folder change just to be able to save the sub there. Then, when I try to open the sub from that location, I go through the same extremely frustrating waiting for each folder change. It’s the same whatever I do.

How could I recommend this to my boss? He will think I’m insane. Now, what I want to hear/know is that this is an issue ONLY with the DroboShare, and not with the Drobo FS for example. As I feel right now, there is no way on earth I could recommend this without making myself appear as an idiot.

I actually just busted my keyboard out of frustration for the waiting. WHY is it so god damn slow? I got at least 25-30% free space on my 8 TB volume. Going to a folder level 3 levels below root takes about 2 minutes (I.e. I start to open the drobo share, that takes maybe 45 seconds. I click a folder, another wait for at least 40 seconds. Then I click the folder I want to save the subs in. Another wait for almost a minute. Samt thing when trying to open stuff from it. My patience is running out, I’ll toss this piece of crap out the window soon.

Edit: There will be no more problems with my drobo. I just threw the piece of crap out the window from the third story. I have to get something that actually works good. F****ng hell I’m so mad!

What filesystem did you format the Drobo as?

If it’s a filesystem compatible with your computer, I’d disconnect it from DroboShare and connect it directly to the computer. If you still have the same problem, run a filesystem check. There may be corruption in the filesystem.

Could not agree more, I am using a Drobo FS and macs and it is sooooo slow to open when I click on it in finder.
It is almost as if the drives have gone to sleep and have to start spinning, I have set the spin down to “1 day”
I have also noticed that it drops out of Finder after a few minutes or so.

I don’t use a Droboshare or Drobo FS, but I do have a Drobo S hooked up to a Linux server that runs SMB/CIFS shares in my closet.

I have never experienced the waits that you speak of.