I think my Drobo has died...now what?

I have a DroboPro Model DRPR1-A with 5, 4Tb drives set to Dual Disk Redundancy. Yesterday, it simply stopped responding. One minute it was fine, the next…gone. The drive letter doesn’t show up on my computer, and the Drobo Dashboard says, “No Drobos Detected.” The power light is lit, but yellow.

If I turn the Drobo off, and then back on, I get a green power light, followed by yellow drive lights, followed by green drive lights and the blue, “space used” lights start to light one at a time, first one, then the next until about the fifth light…at which point the power light turns yellow and all the other lights go out.

I’m out of warranty (obviously) and can’t find any documentation online other than the, “Getting Started” manual…which is spectacularly unhelpful.

I have to assume that the Drobo unit itself is toast. I IMMEDIATELY got on ebay and bought a duplicate Drobo…(they claim it’s tested and working, but I’m sure I’ll be testing that before I move my drives.)

What I want to do is be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that I’m making the correct diagnosis here, and that I COMPLETELY understand the procedure for moving the drive stack over to the new unit before I do anything.

My entire business is on that Drobo…and I’m feeling more than a little nauseous.

Am I correct that all I need to do, is make sure both Drobos are powered off…move all the drives from the old Drobo to the New (to me) one and turn it back on? I have this nightmare that I’ll move the drives over and the new unit will say…“Oh, look! Five tasty new drives…I think I’ll format those!”

If anyone can tell me ANYTHING, please do, because until I know my data is safe I’m going to find myself jerking bolt upright in the middle of every night between now and then.

Are there any potential problems that I should be looking out for? Let me rephrase that…WHAT ARE the potential problems I should be looking out for?

As long as you put the whole disk in all at once it wont format them, it will just be as if you are booting your drobo… everytime you turn your drobo on it finds the disk pack and mounts it.

the only thing i would say to do first:

whan you get your “new drobopro” - use ANY blank disk… and set it up like a new drobopro, then update the firmware on the new drobopro to make sure it is running the latest version

then turn it off, take out that temporary disk and put your whole disk pack in.

Wow, FAST reply. Thank you.