I think I just lost 20T of files

Everything was fine up till this last weekend. Five 8T drives installed, double disk protection, and no issues in over a year.

I had one group of files that needed cleanup, so I started copying them to my desktop.
Suddenly drive 3 is showing failed.
Very coincidental, and of course conflicting messages, at first telling me the drive had been removed, then that it was ok, then removed, then ok, then “failed”.
So I go get a 10T Seagate pro drive, and replace #3. Everything as you’d expect for about a day, then drive 2 shows failed. So I totally stop accessing the system.
It’s still in rebuild from the first fail, four oranges and drive 3 green.
When I get up yesterday AM, all five are red!
The top two are blinking, bottom three solid.
Drobo says the top drive has been removed, but it’s sitting right there.

If I check status on the drives, EVERY drive, even the “removed” drive reports health as “Good”.

So… Now what? I asked support this morning, no answer all day. I’m afraid to turn it off, leave it on…

I suspect the problem is really with the main unit, but of course I have only one of those, no way to test.

I can’t get “Drobocare” either, “No plans available for this product”.

Warranty is supposed to be 2 years, and according to this:
I can purchase “Drobocare” any time within those two years.

Trying now to reset the Drobo. My disk pack is removed, and a spare 6T mounted.
After three resets from the dashboard, the system still hasn’t reset.

Had to do the pin reset (located near the power plug entry), The Drobo is now initializing the single drive.
I currently have NO idea if I can recover my data. I have the disk pack which was in horrible shape according to the Drobo unit, with the top drive incorrectly showing as removed, the second drive blinking red for reasons unknown, and the rest solid red. The third drive was a replacement, and I COULD try the original five discs again, but I really don’t know how to proceed here.

Would be nice is support would deign to answer…

I could do the pin reset with no drives in, then shut down the unit, install the disc pack and hope like hell.
I could do the same with the new #3 drive, but that set of drives was never all green.

After replacing the middle drive, support told me I should wait for the rebuild before changing any other drives, which is how I got to five reds.

The system is up and running on the single drive, seems ok. So I suppose this means the main system is ok?

I tried drives 1,2,4,5 with #3 out, all red, and “too many drives removed”, and all drives individually read “good”.

I shut it down and installed the original #3, and now it tells me #4 is not installed, #2 and #3 are blinking, and 1,4,5 are solid red.

So if I believe Drobo, I’ve had SIX hard drives of two different brands, one only a few days old, fail in as many days. Seems fantastically unlikely.

I updated my support ticket Friday AM. Didn’t expect to hear anything over the weekend… Didn’t hear anything today either.

Finally heard back at about 7:30 pm with instructions to reseat the drives. (Power down, reseat all drives, power up) No change… Patient still unresponsive.

My theory, bad power supply or main Drobo unit.

Almost three days since their last reply…

They agreed to exchange my Drobo under warranty saturday.
It took more than two weeks, mostly waiting for replies, to get to this point.

They got my Drobo Thursday, no word on when the new one might ship yet.
24 days in this nightmare so far, and I still don’t know if I can recover my disk pack.