I removed a drive, put them back in different places

My drobo was making some very high pitch noises. I thought it was the hard drives so removed them, drobo was still making the noise…

Not sure I put the hard drives back in the correct slots they were in before and dashboard is telling me data protection is in progress and it’s going to take 3 hours?

Is this normal thing for just removing the drives and re-inserting them?

I also noticed it had renamed some of my files with numbers on the end :confused:

(the noise is the power supply btw)

Did you remove the drives while the drobo was off or on?


When you pull a hard drive out while it’s on that is pretty much recreating a hard drive failure.

So, yes it will go into data protection mode, that is normal.

ok, I won’t do that again :slight_smile:

Some files are greyed out and others have been named ‘greyed out filename 2’ etc… with this correct itself after it’s rebuilt?

And how do I stop the PSU making such a high pitch noise when idle? It’s making the dogs bark :slight_smile:

Please open as support case so we can get you a new power supply.

If the files are still misnamed after the rebuild process, open a support case for that issue. Private message me the cases numbers and I’ll grab the cases for you. :smiley: (But not tonight. I go home in 9 mins.)