I own 2 early drobos and have a question

I have an original drobo and a firewire drobo.

I believe the original drobo can only use drives up to 2TB each but the FW drobo can use drives up to 4TB. If I am correct, is there a way to update the FW drobo to accommodate the 4TB drives while still using aversion of drobo desktop that can manage both dobos?


I believe if your old Drobo is only the USB2 version (Drobo gen1), then the largest you can go is 2TB

The firewire/usb drobo (gen2), 4TB is possible…


hi, for the dashboard part, i think the key objective, is that each new dashboard version “should” be able to deal with, and recognise ANY combination of 1 or more drobo’s which are using ANY firmware version up to that point in time. (even if it means that the software grow’s over time, with more and more code logic behind it, that’s perfectly acceptable).

what would be great though, is for a Drobo Administrator/mod to actually kindly confirm if that is the case, and from which version of dashboard that became the norm.

It’s very important for it to work like that, (other os upgrade/s permitting), so that people can better feel that a drobo allows for continuity and usage of older models, as well as the new (and because people who buy the latest drobo, wouldnt necessarily suddenly chuck they older model away as that is a waste.)

can a moderator kindly confirm this for us please?