I need to add a new drive to my drobo v2

Right now I have
1.5TB WD green
1.5TB seagate
750GB seagate.

I have a bunch of 1.5TB seagates sitting around…but…

I could get a 2TB WD green for $160’s
A hatachi 2TB for $140’s
A seagate 2TB for $150’s
A samsung 2TB for $170’s

Which should I get to replace the 750GB seagate?[hr]
BTW: my drobo is a secondary offsite back up and I was wondering why it was taking HOURS to backup 700MB files. They I remembered the 80% thing. I think that drobo dash should warn you.

Use this calculator:

If I would be in your situation and I had a bunch of 1.5TB seagates sitting around, then I would replace 750G with 1.5TB drive, because adding just one 2TB drive in place of a 750GB drive will not gain more usable space.

To get even more space you must replace more than one drive.

You are saying that like I don’t know how drobo works. I guess since the old forums are lost, then I’m like a newb here, but I was posting on the old forums for a year.
If I remove the 750 and put in a 2TB, then the usable space would go up 500GB.
Total drive size, minus largest drive.
I also can only replace one drive at a time.

I’m just posting to ask about what brand people suggest getting that is more reliable.

at those prices, the WD’s

I should have bought a couple when they were around $149.

So I’m sitting on 6 seagate 7200.11 that keep dying and I keep getting replaced.
I basically can’t trust them at all.
I’m returning my 12th and 13th failed drive.

Wow, those Seagates must run hot or something. Heat is a major drive-killer.

if that’s the reason, they why would they have died in 7 different devices in 4 different location. 1 of the locations is 40F and the other is 50F.

Well now, since you provide that data, maybe they just suck?

Unless you’re running them in enclosures without ventilation fans…

BTW: I ran five recertified 750GB Seagate 7200.11 drives for over 2 years 24/7 in a room that never got below 70F. But those were PATA, not SATA.

Seagate must be going down hill.

EDIT: Grammar fix, I really must learn the English… g

did you miss all the seagate 7200.11 hubbub?
they were reporting an up to 80% failure rate.

Wow, maybe mine aren’t 7200.11’s then… lemme go look in that box…

Oops, mine are 7200.10s…

Haven’t been keeping up with the news, been too busy getting WD20EADSs to feed to my Drobo.

Well I don’t know if you are new here, if you know how drobo works or anything. That does not matter to me…

I just honestly answered your question. (1.5TB drive that you already have or 2TB drive from the store to replace old 750GB drive.)

If your real (not what you wrote) question was only about 2TB drives from the list, then I would say go for 2TB WD green drive.

I have had a very good experience with WD Green drives and I would certainly recommend them. :slight_smile:

I do love my 3x2TB WD20EADS RAID in my qnap.

im not sure i would go as far as “loving” disks. i will merely be “satisfied” if they return to me the same data that i once put on them

ha! I just ran useless seagate tools against all 6 of my 1.5TB 7200.11.
One doesn’t power on.
One fails all tests.
One failed a couple tests.
Two passed all tests.
One cause seatools to never work again.

I’m pissed that with buying 6 1.5TB 7200.11, I’ve gone through 13 drives and never gotten them to work right. So after back and forth with the tech support, what is the only thing that I can do? yep, send them back and again get refurbished 1.5TB that are going to fail on me again. I’m thinking of taking my 6x1.5TB drives and putting them up on ebay.

If you paid for them by credit card, your credit card company may give you a refund based on the product being a lemon - if your credit card has some kind of purchase protection.

Given your experience, definitely go with the WD. I have 8 (4 in two Drobos) and they have been fine so far.

Hitachi and Samsung seem to have more reports of being finicky, at least based on other users’ posts here.

So definitely go with the WD GreenPower non-Advanced.

And if you can swing it, I’d replace both the Seagate 750GB and the Seagate 1.5TB drives based on Seagate’s hatred of you. :wink:

good point on the CC. I might look into that since I did it through amex.

I would have to replace one drive, wait 7 days, replace the other and wait 7 days.

I just pulled a 1.5TB WD green out of my QNAP and swapped the 750GB seagate with it.
Here is the weird thing, I was only at 73% capacity in my drobo.
I thought it slowed down at 80% full?[hr]
it says 6hrs to rebuild.
let’s see about that.

i think the yellow “warning” is at 85% - actual deliberate slowdown is at 95% (red warning)

any slowdown you experience before that is just a characteristic of the device/array.

it slowed down enough to take days to copy over 20 700MB-1GB movies.
Still rebuilding.

Ask DRI to look at yourdrive health