i love....

…how my drobo / droboshare resets when im backing up my critical files to a USB drive via the DroboCopy util…

anybody else love this “feature”? It happens reliably for me…

Its similiar to the issue the drobo/droboshare has when just copying lots of files using standard windows copy… but at least that can be managed by only doing one copy stream at a time, when nothing else is accessing the drobo intensively… with the drobocopy you would think it would be ok, given its a drobo made app and its only a single copy stream (or is it?)…

…my patience with this droboshare is wearing thin…very thin…a non-reseting NAS device in this day and age…how hard can it be???

You mean the drobo actually reboots?

Hi Jennifer, i dont think it reboots (properly at least) because what happens is this:

  1. Copy files using drobocopy
  2. Drobo freaks out / resets / reboots (dont know exactly)
  3. The Drobo volume comes back up as “Drobo11” instead of “Drobo1” (ive had a similiar problem before and it switched from Drobo to Drobo1 but stayed stable since then)
  4. The fix, well ive been ssh’ing to the droboshare and "reboot"ing it. Once ive done that, the volume comes up under the correct name…

If i dont do the drobocopies, the drobo is “stable”


I would recommend opening up a support case.

Ok, so for anyone interested i attached my drobo directly to a windows 7 box and ran a chkdsk /x on it, it fixed a few issues but got to some that just never got fixed…as in chkdsk just kept running and running and running (days).

I gave up, backed up all my data via DAS (what i was trying to do in the first place via drobocopy/NAS) and have reformatted the drobo using dshare as ntfs 8tb volume.