I know it's not supported but does it work?

I have a gen2 Drobo with a Droboshare running fine on Snow Leopard. My Drobo firmware is 1.3.7. My Drobo Dashboard is 1.7.3 and my Droboshare firmware is 1.1.2. I’d like to update to Lion. If it’s possible what firmware versions work or am I stuck with Snow Leopard running on my machine in order to work with my Droboshare, etc.?

hi Mullet
i dont know about macs but sure others will be able to help over time.
just be careful with any updates/os etc
if you’ve only got your data in one place careful or take some backups before updating any firmewares or os’s

You can absolutely upgrade the OS to Lion, but the highest version of Dashboard that will work with the DroboShare is 1.8.4. It can be downloaded from ftp://updates.drobo.com/dashboard/mac/drobodashboardinstaller_1.8.4.dmg. Firmware 1.4.1 for the Drobo is available on our main download page; it will need to be manually installed when using Dashboard 1.8.4.