I know "Drobo Dashboard could not mount this share" is getting old but ...


Drobo FS was working fine on Windows 7 machine. NIC crashed and I replaced it. Shares will no longer mount and the Drobo FS is not seen in “Network”. There is another Windows 7 machine on the same network that is fine. All software/firmware is up to date. I have tried…

  • shutdown Drobo, direct connect [Ethernet to Ethernet] Windows 7 machine to Drobo FS, restart Drobo
  • uninstall Dashboard, restart Win7, reinstall Dashboard

Dashboard has no problem seeing Drobo FS but cannot mount a share.



I have the same issue described in this thread. However, I am not able to reset the Drobo FS Dashboard password using the aforementioned instructions (ID=reset and PW= F4Iv2RdpwKt7GISo). On my Mac, I held down the Control key while clicking OK.’

I want to reset the password as I understand that will improve the likelihood that I’ll be able to mount my TimeMachine share. I am restoring an iMac from that backup, so this is rather critical to me.

I understand that I can migrate my Drobo FS to the Drobo N. I intend to do that, and if I do I guess that I can will get tech support.