I have two computers to use with my Drobo 5D

Hi everyone.

I just bouth the Drobo 5D thinking i could use as a hard drive for both my computers. The problem is i set up the Drobo with one of the computers, everything worked fine, but when i tried to connect it to the other one (who has Drobo Dashboard installed and updated) the Drobo just gives an amber light and doesn’t connect.

I can’t believe i can only use it with ONE computer. I understand i can;t connect them at the same time (i don’t use thunderbolt), but what if i change my computer for some reason? Do i lose all my files? Do i have to buy a Drobo for each computer?

I have hours looking for an answer online and posting this is my last resource before returning it.

Thanks in advance.

Your Drobo will work fine with any computer/OS combo that is supported.

Have you verified that the USB port is good?

You do shut the Drobo down before disconnecting and re-connecting, right?

What are the specs on the one that works and the specs on the one that doesn’t?

I had a similar issue. Drobo 5D formated NTFS, perfectly fine with a Windows PC / USB3 connection. I then tried to connect it to my Windows laptop: latest Dashboard was installed, no other connection, impossible to recognize the Drobo unit. Shut down three times, waited minutes but no change.

Two weeks after made a new try and everything was fine. Weird but no more issue.