I have the problem with my drobo-second generation

I connect my drobo with my airport extreme base station to share files within my family and I contact drobo before. They suggest me to upgrade to the latest firmware, which is 1.3.6.

Now I have connected my drobo with the airport extreme base station and everything works.

It happens this afternoon when the light suddenly flashing between yellow and green, and as of the current time, 11:12PM, it is still flashing. I unplugged it from the airport base station and hook it up with my laptop. the drobo dashboard told me that drobo is trying to protect my data, which I did not do anything.

My OS is Mac OSX 10.6.3 and I have 3 1TB hard drives in the drobo.

Please help. I can still access my file on drobo and I am scared. Do you think that I should copy all the data out and never use drobo again? or should I leave it on for tonight and see if it becomes green tomorrow?

Hi bigmacfan.

It sounds like a hard drive has failed in your Drobo. Did one of the lights go red? If you see the lights flashing yellow and green, Drobo should be in the process of re-protecting your data, as Drobo Dashboard has said. I would leave it turned on until the lights are all solid green again. You shouldn’t have lost anything, it’s just that now if another disk failed in your Drobo, you wouldn’t be protected. You can still use it, read and write to it, but it might be better to just let it do its thing and meanwhile, find another hard drive to replace the failed one.

if all the lights are flashing green and yellow… it generally means that 1 drive stopped responding briefly, so drobo though it had failed… then it started to respond again, so drobo thought it was a new drive and is now re-protecting your data.

it is nothing to worry about. but i would send your log file to support so they can tell you what happened and advise if one of your drives is starting to misbehave.

protecting against failing drive is exactly why you bought drobo, so this is evidence it is working, not a reason to never use it again!

I have left it on for such a long time and this morning when I connect it to my laptop, it said that “data protection in progress”, approx. 12 hours remaining. Why does it take so long to protect the data?
Also I get a warning “Drobo can not currently protect your data against hard drive failures”.
I just worry that I left Drobo on for such a long time, it will kill my hard drive.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  1. hard drives are generally fine to be left running 24/7 - i havent turned my drobo pro OFF for about a year

  2. it takes so long to protect your data because - if you had 4 x1 tb drives - if one fails and then you replace it- it has to CREATE almost 1 whole TB of data - by doing maths on the remaining 3 TB! (assuming they were all full)

thats a LOT of maths!!!