I have an old Drobo 5N. What apps can I delete?

I have an old Drobo 5N that has been very reliable. It has survived disk failures, power outages and disk upgrades without problem. I have a 128 GB SSD cache.

Do I need python2 now that is has been made obsolete? Python2 was originally installed and I didn’t want to remove it because the Drobo OS ( Linux ) may be using it. Actually, the only apps I find useful are FTP and Apache’s SMB.

I have been getting into Linux. It seems that all I really need beyond these two apps is putty.
rsync is not install on the Drobo 5N. Is it safe to do a apt get rsync?

BTW, I was really surprised when the Drobo 5N shut itself down nicely and started itself back up after a power failure. I didn’t realize there was a small battery inside.

Also, my Drobo 5N is located at It would be nice if the Drobo Dashboard went away and was replaced by a web interface so I could type in where xxxx is a port number.

It has been good so far but as I learn more I have questions.