I can't delete or copy on Drobo 5D from second logical HDD

[size=medium][font=Tahoma][align=justify]Since I change 2 - 3TB disks for 2 - 5TB disks
I can’t delete or copy on Drobo 5D. Sometime one of the disk will not mount!

in total I have 2 5 TB (10TB) 3 3TB (9TB) Physicaly 19 TB

Providing 2 virtual disks, one of them is for my Time Machine an very old archives. the other is for regeler storage (day2day and week) Each of them have 8 TB total. This morning one off the 3 TB turn yellow…I don’t understand that one yet!

I did all the newer update for the Dashboard.
I did provide credential to Fire-wall to the 5D.
I try the Mac utility disk to mount the Drobo… Yep, somethime it mount other no.

Dashboard and drobo5d microcode is up to date.
When I try to delete fonder or file Mac OS 10.11.4 provide a message

if you need more information tell me… Also I can explain it in french .

hi eric,
have you tried to use dashboard to shutdown the drobo
and then to shutdown the computer
and then to power on the drobo (and to let it boot up and maybe go into standby)
and then to power up the computer again,
can you try again what you wanted to do?

(if you can take screenshots of dashboard showing you the volumes tab, and drive slots tab, as well as the mac error message, and to post them onto a site like imgur and to paste links here, it could help)

please remember to hide any sensitive serial information before you upload the pictures, (but please can you paste the error message in english too if you can) :slight_smile: