I am so fed up with my Drobo FS

I have had this unit for a few years now and i was never satisfied with the transfer speeds but as I was using this as an archive unit I was not to bothered about it. But over the past year my use of the FS has changed and I noticed the transfer rates compared to other devices I have is appallingly slow. I tested the read/write speeds over my local network and the write speed was 13.9 MB/s and the read was 21.3 MB/s.

My USB memory stick has faster transfer rates than this, I have searched all over the web and found many other reports about the performance of the FS but there are no solutions that can resolve my issues.

I am thinking of gambling by removing the existing disks from the units (numbering them of course) and place a few new disks and see how they perform.

One thing is for sure, I will never purchase another Drobo because of this experience and I will no longer be recommending Drobo to my contacts in the future too.

I have a Drobo FS which I abandoned in favour of a 5N. The 5N is a different beast altogether and works flawlessly over a Gb ethernet. I too found the FS to be painfully slow and I doubt putting in another disk set will make any difference. Under the right conditions the 5N can almost saturate my Gb Ethernet.

Same story here. Only using the FS to stream to Plex. Slowest NAS ever and I will never buy or recommend a drobo again. This device should never have been allowed to be sold to the public.

mine was working fine but, just yesterday it starts to get extreamly slow now it takes hours to even open big folders…