I AM a Newbie Idiot!!!

Ok - so the only thing I have ever used my Drobo 5N for is as a Time Machine Backup - and I set up a 3.5 TB share for it - so far so good. Now I would like to back up two external drives to the Drobo - one 2TB, another 4TB - and I have over 6 TB of unallocated space on the Drobo, but for the love of GOD, no source I have been able to find has shown me where I can move a file to the Drobo 5N - they just say “move it” - OK - I AM AN IDIOT! HOW do I move it? I want to set it up so I can use Chrono Sync to make sure the files are synced - HELP!!! Many thanks!

hi stephen, can you see your drobo 5n in finder?

its good that you setup a specific share for timemachine (as it can usually try to gobble up lots of space if not limited in some way), and if time machine backups are working, then it seems that time machine can locate the drobo share for it, but can you see the rest of drobo from finder too?

Usually to move a file you could cut it from the source, and paste it on the drobo 5n finder folder. (ideally its good to copy and paste it first, and then to verify it before deleting, but chronosync might have an option to verify first)

it may be that you have only setup a share for timemachine, and that the rest of it is not shared to the mac, but i only have das drobos here. can i check how many drives you have in the drobo and what sizes they are please, and can you see any messages in dashboard about an amount of space labelled as “reserved for expansion” or something similar?

Its probably good to get things to a working state to be able to maually copy or move (some) data to the drobo first, before setting up chrono sync though…

a few screenshot of your dashboard bays/shares screens could be handy, possibly uploaded to imgur and you can paste in links here for us all to see (but if you do please try to rub out your serial number etc before uploading to play safe)