Hyper V, B800i, Exchange Databases?

Hi All,

Love my B800i. I have the following setup running perfectly.

Server with RAID 10 Array running the following:

Windows Server 2012 R2 in Hyper V Mode
VM 1 - Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard OS - C Drive - running as Domain Controller, File/Print Services, RWW, etc.
VM 2 - Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard OS - C Drive - running VOIP services
VM 3 - Windows 7 OS - C Drive - for virtual RDP session

On the Drobo B800i connected to the server via ISCSI, I have the following virtual hard disks running on it:

VM 1's VHDX - Data Drive - D Drive - (User Share Folders, Company Share Folders, etc) 
VM 2's VHDX - Data Drive - D Drive -  (stores recorded audio of VOIP calls) 
VM 3's VHDX - Data Drive - D Drive - (data drive)

In short, I am running all my DATA virtual hard drives on the Drobo B800i, and all the VM Operating System drives on the RAID 10 array. So far, all is running awesome with no performance issues whatsoever. I love this setup!!!

My question is, using this same method, can I run a seperate Microsoft Exchange 2013 VM on the RAID 10 array, with the database and logs being saved in a seperate Virtual Hard Drive (VHDX) on the B800i? This will be for about 50 to 200 email accounts with mailbox sizes ranging from 1GB to 25GB.

Not sure if there is any documentation on this and was wondering if anyone had any insight. Thanks!