Huge Directories damn slow

Hi, I have a problem with huge directories (this means several thousand files). First it is extremly slow to list them. The droboshare is connected via a GB ethernet, so this should not be the problem.

When logged in via SSH and using “ls” the listing is fast, no problems.

So, I expect that it’s SMB that is slowing down things significant.

And I have the effect that directory changes are not shown in Finder (even when reloading) as they happen. Sometimes it takes several minutes or some other actions before the directory list is updated.

Any idea how I can speed things up? And no, using directories with fewer entries is not an option. Can SMB be tuned?

I found that the OS X Finder (at least Snow Leopard) can be quite slow on network drives with lots of files. The reason being that by default the finder will read the files in the currently open folder and generate preview icons for them. This actually generates quite a lot of network traffic.

I would suggest that you switch this feature off and see if it improves performance for you.

With the finder open, from the menu go to
View --> Show View Options
then untick the box “Show Icon Preview”

Thx. Will try this even I use PathFinder.