useful site

just to paste a site i saw… almost makes me want to set up my droboshare :slight_smile:

Don’t do it! There are support groups available if you can’t resist the temptation to inflict so much pain on yourself. DSVA, DroboShare Victims Anonymous, check the Yellow Pages for your nearest chapter! :wink:

i think for people who wanted to use drobo storage methods without a computer, its great but i think theres just so many more benefits (for me right now) to using a drobo “with” a machine…most importantly recording live project creations and installing all those files which end up in the “programs files” folder - theres GIGs in there LOL over the years.

while i havent tried it yet, you can turn your computer into a media server for the xbox 360, and to access the drobo via the computer, which then links to the xbox 360, but as far as i know, its been hard for people to connect and stream stuff from a drobo (v1/v2) with droboshare and no computer - so that will be my next project when i get a fixed xbox