How to update Crashplan without starting backups from scratch?


I’m sure this is a simple question but I can’t seem to find a straight answer anywhere in the forums.

I’d like to update to the latest version of CrashPlan without CrashPlan starting the backup again from scratch [it’s about 50% complete].

I thought all they needed to do was make a copy of the “backupArchives” folder (smb://drobo5n/DroboApps/crashplan/app/backupArchives) and move it back after I perform the application update. This folder is empty though.

Also, where exactly are the log files kept? I understand there should be an install.log and a log.txt in this location (/tmp/DroboApps/crashplan) but what would the full path be to that location?

Thanks in advance.

You shouldn’t need to backup anything, when you connect and login with an existing account it should auto detect the device and continue where it left off. I have personally done this with every upgrade.

If it doesn’t you can adopt a machine

One time I had it not auto detect and the adopt a computer option was missing so I had to follow this:

Thank you Steven. I updated the app as you said and it appears to have resumed the existing backup.

Thank you Steven. I updated the app and the existing backup has continued. It looks good.