How to undelete

In the process of moving files from one share to another I deleted a bunch of files I need to recover.

Q: How can I undelete files?


Unfortunately, I doubt you’re going to find much. To undelete, you’d need software that runs on the DroboFS itself (since it has to have direct access to the filesystem). I don’t think anything like that is part of the base OS, and I don’t know of any apps that might have similar functionality. The way the Drobo reallocates data would also make such recovery more difficult, as it has a chance of unwittingly overwriting the very data you want back.

[quote=“diamondsw, post:2, topic:2412”]
Unfortunately, I doubt you’re going to find much.[/quote]

Not the answer I was hoping for … but given the lack of (obvious) tool it was to be expected.
Good to reinstate my backup policy (dropped since replacing my previous NAS with the Drobo FS).

Q: Any backup app I can run as an app from the FS?


Is this full deleted and trash emptied? On the other Drobos, files aren’t completely gone and disk space will still be occupied until the trashcan folder gets emptied.
Not sure if that is how it is in your situation.

Rsync would the the simplest solution, although not the easiest. I’m not aware of any backup software, although I have noticed that Crashplan has a java client that could potentially run from the FS itself. This option would take quite a lot of work to setup, though.

It’s an FS, the trashcan is a function of a local file system, Most (if not all) network shares will delete immediately, not just a DroboFS function, it’s any file sharing, from a computer too.

waw74Thanks for explaining.

As yoyoma wrote, no “move to trash” is suggested upon deletion.
On my mac a warming “do you want to delete immediately”.

Have accepted my loss of data.
Reverted to backup strategy.
Would like to schedule backup process on FS itself.
As ist is a Linux box i hope to find a program/agent to automate the process.


I also need a way to recover deleted files. If you find a solution please post about it here.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here is the executive summary: you can undelete, but it takes some serious UNIX-fu to pull it off.

The FS uses ext3 for its storage pool, and ext3 is notoriously undelete-unfriendly.

A full step-by-step how-to undelete files from an ext3 partition can be found here, but as I said, it take some serious UNIX filesystem knowledge.

I know that this advice is a bit late now, but the best way to deal with this is to backup your important data off-site.