How to undelete from the deleted files for the drobo NAS ?

Is there any way of undelete on the drobo NAS ?
I found a program of undelete for the deleted files
it called “extundelete”.
it’s really hard to compile from source code.
Is here anybody can compile it ? or anyway else

It’s not certain that undelete will work with virtualized storage like Drobo.
Basically, such tools bypass the filesystem interface and look for data directly on the storage device, to recover data that was marked at the filesystem as erased, but was not physically deleted on the storage medium. With virtualized storage, the virtual device does not map exactly to the physical medium.

Good luck.

Undelete on a Drobo is iffy at best, misleading at worse.
Problem is the virtualized blocks that Thin Provisioning provides.

Once unallocated, the physical block is freed for use and therefore may be reused and rewritten.
Even if the physical block does not get reused, because the virtual address is marked unused, there is no guarantee a new request to that virtual block will return the data from the same physical block.

A similar problem occurs for blocks on SSDs that have been TRIMed due to wear-leveling, which also virtualizes cells. AFAIK there is no guarantee the data retrieved from a freed block will be retrieved from the exact physical block.

While an attempt to undelete may succeed, there is no guarantee the undeleted data will be same data. In fact, in previous testing, the data returned from deleted blocks may or may not be correct.

So, the only way to ensure deleted data can be undeleted is to actually save the “deleted” data without actually deleting is, Recycle Bin style…

I’m clear
Thank you for your explanation in detail.

You’re welcome.

As the FS is a network share, the standard Windows recycle bin doesn’t work (deletes are immediate), but if you need recycle bin type functionality, Condusiv (formerly Diskeeper)'s Undelete can provide that. Be sure to get the proper level for network share support.

hi dyseo, i had an idea about how you can get undelete to work on your drobo :slight_smile:

  • create a file container on one of your drobo volumes
  • map it to a drive letter in windows / mount it
  • and format it to fat 32 or ntfs, including a windows Recycling bin
  • then you can configure the bin to be large enough as the largest file that you realistically want to be able to protect
  • (you might have to use a setting called something like “configure each drive’s recycling bin separately”)

(this is more to do with helping if you are simply a “user” who is working with your own files that are hosted on a nas box, instead of a fuller solution for multi users, in which case check bhiga’s reply, but the above one is free and might help in some way) :slight_smile: