How to tell if Drobo's drives are asleep?

Is there a way of telling if the hard disks are idle/asleep in drobo?

Well the drives do spin down after 15 mins of inactivity.

Jennifer, as you know the yellow light goes on when asleep. My question is: How many Drobo users keep the cover off?

I know I do, and so doe my friend that recommended the unit to me. The onbly way to know what is going on, is to keep that cover off.

@ equifoto - the original poster was asking a completely different question. you are talking about when the drobo goes into standby - either when you tell it to, or when you shutdown your computer or unplug the data cable.

the original poster was asking about when the drives inside drobo spin down due to inactivity (after 15 minutes).

@ pleccy - just about the only way is to listen to them (they dont make sound when they are spun down and they hum (hopefully very quietly) when they are powered up.

@equifoto, when the power light goes amber, then all the drives light go, which you don’t need the front cover off to see that part.