How to tell if drives are in standby?

Saving money by reducing my electricity cost was a big reason I switched from a dedicated server to the drobopro.

How can I tell if the drives are currently in standby / power saving mode?

There is no visual indication, that I could see, on the drobo or the dashboard.

I would like to see the current state, and the history of drive power over time.


Since you are on a pro, you can set your own settings for drive spin down. From 15 mins to Never.

Dashboard > advanced controls > tools tab> drobopro settings.

Hi Jennifer

I understand the capability, and I understand how the settings work.

How do I know if the drives are CURRENTLY idle?
E.g. change the drive or status light color, slowly flash the lights, show the status on the dashboard, etc.


There is no sign or light letting you know your drives have spun down.

Most people can tell because they no longer hear the drives spinning.

Ok thank you.

I added an enhancement request: