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If your DroboApp has been posted for over 30 days in the forum, you may request for it to be added to the Drobo website
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I’ve got two that would be nice to add.

PHP 5.2.9 w/ Imagemagic



New submission:

DroboApp for correctly mounting NTFS filesystems containing Japanse filenames.

Background: In order to use smbd to share files and folders with Japanese filenames, the ufsd filesystem driver must be configured with iocharset=utf8 option. Otherwise Japanese filenames will be translated to ASCII characters equiavalent, causing smbd to ignore them.
See: http://free.ntfs-linux.com/options.htm for the details on iocharset option.

What does it do:

  • This droboapp will umount any ufsd volumes and re-mount it using iocharset=utf8 option.


  • plugin should be removed from DroboApps folder, and droboshare should be rebooted.
  • Re-mounting volumes for removal would be easy, however doing so could conflict with other DroboApps.


  • If NTFS filesystem formatted using DroboShare is populated with Japanese filenames via network, ufsd will store those files with garbled filename. Those files will appear intact until Drobo is connected directly using USB/FW800. If this DroboApp is applied, those garbled filenames will appear garbled even when viewed via network.
  • Volumes being re-mounted will appear as ‘critically low on disk space’ until the statistics are updated.

Tested using DroboShare firmware 1.1.2

Minoru TODA


First, it looks like there needs to be a new thread for “Apps for the Drobo FS” since that doesn’t fit in anywhere else.

Second, I have a packaged version of mediatomb for the Drobo FS. There have been 2 threads about configuring FUPPES and Mediatomb and this new app should make mediatomb a viable option. The details are currently in this thread. http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1254


Transmission BitTorrent server & web client - version 2.12

This is a build of the Transmission BT daemon with a web server for remote control.

Feature highlights of Transmission include…
[]Lower memory usage than comparable clients.
]Magnet links support.
[]Encrypted peer connection support.
]Peer exchange protocol support.
[]Local Peer Discovery support.
]DHT support.
[]Automatic port mapping via NAT-PMP/UPnP.
]Blocklist support for bad peers, based on peer list from Bluetack.
[]Scheduled bandwidth limits.
]Download prioritization of torrents, or of individual files within a torrent.

When installed, users can point a web browser to http://DroboShare_IP:9091 to access the included web interface, through which they can upload torrent files or enter magnet links to start new transfers, manage existing transfers, or delete completed torrents. Users can also use the Transmission Remote GUI to connect to their DorobShare and manage transfers as well

The build has been tested on Drobo firmware 1.3.7, with DroboShare firmware 1.1.2.

My posting of the 2.12 build of Transmission can be found at…

The package can be found at…



I’ve recently compiled and configured apcupsd for my drobofs because we’ve had a spate of bad power outages recently.

This is version 3.14.10 from http://www.apcupsd.org/

See http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=5813