How to Share over the net/WAN

How can I setup my Drobo-FS to be able to share folders over the internet.
Currently, I am sharing the folders over the home network and would like to take it a step further and share over the internet.
How canI do that?

The simplest (and most insecure) way is to have your router forward the port(s) required for sharing to your Drobo FS.

I highly recommend something more secure like VPN,.SSH tunneling instead though. If you have an always-on computer you could use something like Oxygen Cloud’s private storage, or you could sync the Drobo FS folders to some kind of cloud storage.

This question has been asked several times int this forum already, and my conclusion after thinking about it for a while is this: don’t.

Let me explain the reasons why:

  1. The FS was not hardened for an untrusted network. The default configuration is very permissive, which is ok in a trusted local network, but it is not ok on the open web.

  2. Exposing the FS in a secure manner takes a lot of effort, low-level Linux system administration knowledge, and network management knowledge. The easiest way (SSH tunneling, as bhiga mentioned) is a pain to setup if you have never created a port-forward on your Drobo.

  3. Even if you are able to expose it securely, you are limited by your upstream bandwidth. Let’s say that you have the average 5 Mbps down/500 kbps up home DSL line. This means that if you try to read a file from the FS, you’ll get at maximum 50 kbytes/sec. That is barely enough to stream an MP3. The average 10 Mpixels photo would take more than a minute just to load.

So, do you have the required upstream bandwidth? If so, are you familiar with router configuration and Linux command lines? If so, then we’ll be glad to help you.